This Hilarious Video About Pokemon GO Madness

Pokemon GO Madness

Pokemon GO Game is on a roll and is shattering every possible record. With its immense large popularity, the game is mesmerizing every single person and everyone seems to become its addict. People have been going nuts by swiping, tapping, running and basically doing everything just so as to catch a single Pokemon.


Such a scenario has been perfectly captured in this video by this guy from Broken Cameras Films, who explains you the effect that this game has on our day to day life. P.S. Don’t miss the news scripts that run below on the screen, they will leave you in splits.

Well, the video was certainly funny but at the same time helped us understand a lot about what wrong is really happening around us. Play the VIRTUAL REALITY game, but don’t lose you focus from the ACTUAL REALITY of life. And that reality is that you just live once and words like RE-BIRTHS only sounds authentic in the stories of GAME OF THRONES and Indian Saas Baahu Serials.

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