Amazon Free Shipping/Delivery Tricks + List of free Shipping Product

Amazon Free Shipping/Delivery Tricks

Hello friends Today i have big news for you, I’m going to tell you about Amazon Free Shipping/Delivery Tricks + List of free Shipping Product.

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This trick to get free shipping on Amazon is completely safe and do not worry about account block since their is nothing against their terms,you will buy product normally as usual but with little twist. Amazon charges extra Rs. 40 if your purchased product price is less then Rs. 499. So to buy product under Rs. 499 with free delivery you need to simply apply the below given procedure to save your money.

Amazon Delivery Charge Terms &Conditions:

  • Order total greater than Rs. 499 = Free Delivery
  • Order total less than Rs. 499 = Rs. 40 Delivery Charges
  • Product must be “Amazon Fulfilled” labeledin order to get Free Delivery.

Concept :-

Since Amazon is providing free delivery on purchase of  product or Books hence we will utilize this offer to get free shipping on our main product which we want to buy. So if there’sany free delivery item(s) present in your cart then it will get applied to other cart items also.

So below we have shared some of the Amazon Free Delivery items that you can add up to your cart in order to get free delivery for your main product.

How to Get free Shipping :-

  • Add Main Product to Cart: First step is to add your main product whose price is less than Rs. 499 and delivery charges of Rs. 40 is applied to it. “Remember that your main product must be Amazon Fulfilled
  • Add Free Delivery Item to Cart: Now you need to add any of the below given free delivery items to your cart in order to get free delivery on make your complete purchase. These are daily usage items so choose according to your need and add to cart.

Free Delivery Item list below :-

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