7 Ways To Improve Computer Performance

7 Ways To Improve Computer Performance

Are you tired using your slow computer? We have some techniques that will boost the performance of the computer. There are many paid tools available on the internet to improve the speed of computers. But what if i told you you can boost your computer performance at free of cost. I have listed some ways to optimize speed of computers.

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How To Increase The Speed Of Computer :-

First understand why the computers are giving low performnce becasue of the viruses, malwares and many things like junk files. We can optimise our computer speed by scanning the computer, removing junk files. If your computer don’t have antivirus then it will lead to slow performance of pc but don’t worry we will discuss some great ways to increase speed of computers.

  1. Remove .tmp Files

What are this .tmp files and how we can remove them. This is are the temporary files. When we execute any program then the .tmp files are automatically created and stored on our computer. Open Run application in windows and enter the query .tmp. Now the list of .tmp files will get displayed. Delete all the .tmp files and see the result your computer performance will improve.

  1. Uninstall Programs

Yes, you heard it right. When you install new softwares,games on your computers that will also leads to slow performance. Uninstall the programs that are no longer in use.

  1. Remove Items That Run On Startup

When you start your computer, some softwares are start and occupy CPU resources. That will lead to slow computer performance. So, i suggest you to remove itmes that run on startup.

  1. Clean Web Browsers

When you access websites through browsers they stored browsing history,cookies in computer. Clear all the cookies, history, passwords from web browsers. Make your browsers cleans to improve performance.

  1. Remove Virus, Malwares, Spyware

Everyone know the term virus. Most of the computers are affected by virus, malwares,spyware. Use good antivirus to scan your computer drives to remove virus and junk files from your computer. Also remove shortcut virus from your computer.

  1. Clean Drives

Everybody wants to store more and more files on thier computer. But they dont know that is the main reason of slow performance. Remove unneccessory files from your computer.

  1. Disk Cleanup

Disk Cleanup tool is provided by Microsoft. Disk Cleanup tool delete the unnecessary or temporary files form computer and increase the storage space.

This is are the manual ways to increase the speed of computer. Don’t go for paid tools, use our tips to boost the speed of computer. If you want your computer superfast then maintain it regularly.

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