Hot Tips : Trick to Get Cashback On Airtel Operator At FreeCharge

Trick to Get Cashback On Airtel Operator

As we all know that we can’t avail benefit any of cashback offerNeither at Paytm, Nor at Freecharge, Nor at Mobikwik if you are an Airtel subscriber. Yes this is very much disappointed for us all, as we are trapped in certain limits of Airtel telecom. Its really hurts :'(


Do you know the reason behind this sarcasm of Airtel? Why not Paytm, Freecharge & Mobikwik like largest online e-portal allowing airtel customers to avail cashbacks using specific promo code? This is all started in mid of 2015 when “Net Neutrality” took birth. This is all because airtel has planned to offer higher rates on  Whatsapp/Messengers/Viber  as all this innovative damaged airtel’s value in market. Not only airtel, but almost every network faced the same. But airtel only take this issue serious and the result we barring loss on discounts. Airtel has lost lakhs of customers till the date because of “Network Portability“. Although they have launched “My Airtel” app where you’ll find few offers.

Here I’mpresenting you a trick “How to get cashback on airtel at FreeCharge“. Yes you heard right,now you can easily get cashback on major e-portal online recharging website using Promo Codes,Coupons even if its not valid for Airtel operator. Don’twant to take your more time,lets come the trick. Read below how i make it possible for you:)

Steps to Get Cashback On Airtel At Freecharge :

  • Initiate a Recharge
  • Enter Airtel Mobile Number
  • Now Freecharge will Automatically Detect Your Operator and Circle
  • Simply Edit It, and Change Operator to “IDEA” From “AIRTEl
  • Yes, Select Operator as IDEA.
  • Circle Should be What You Really Belongs [Don’t Change Your Circle]
  • Enter Cashback Coupon OR Promo Code & Apply
  • Complete the Transaction, Using Suitable Payment Method
  • Bingoo!! Your Recharge will Success Within 10 Minutes [It’ll take few time in processing]
  • Even You’ll Get The Cashback Amount Respective to Coupon You’ve Applied.

Check Following Shots:


  • Here check Operator is AIRTEL, UP EAST for Number 885****086
  • Airtel is Official Operator For This Number, Hence Recharge Get Success
  • Meanwhile, I Can’t Apply Any Cashback Coupon/Promo Code. Because Operator is AIRTEL

OK, Now check this one.

  • Operator is IDEA,UP EAST for Same Number 885****086
  • Yet, Recharge Get Success
  • It Means, I/We Can Apply Any of Cashback Coupon. Because Operator is IDEA
  • So Guys, Go and Enjoy the Awesome Trick and Grab Some Cashback Unofficially 😛

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