How to Scan Open UDP Port For All Operator (PC & Mobile Users)

How to Scan Open UDP Port For All Operator

Hello guyz … Welcome to Tricky India. Today i am going to tell you about How to Scan Open UDP Port For All Operator.

open port founder

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Requirements :-

  • A Sim
  • Pd proxy Software for PC users and Droid VPN for mobile users
  • Try at o balance and without net card.

How to Find open port :-

=> For PC Users :

  • First download pd-proxy software by Click HERE
  • Signup and put user name and password in the software.
  • Go to setting and set 0 in UDP AND TCP ports like below image-

open port founder 1

  • Now –

open port founder 2

  • And then —

open port founder 3

  • Save and go back.
  • Connect your modem/net setter
  • Now goto home and click on connect
  • Now you can get open UDP port like below—

open port founder 4

  • Done  🙂

For Mobile Users :-

  • Download Droid VPN App from your play store.
  • Register and sign in
  • Goto Setting >> Port Setting >> Set UDP Port
  • And then set 0 (Zero)
  • Now back and tap for connect
  • Done 🙂

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